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Birthday Parties with Young Chefs AcademyYou Supply the Chefs, We Supply the Rest!


Come celebrate and be the chef of the day with us at Young Chefs Academy! All of our Birthday Parties are filled with interactive, hands-on cooking and delicious fun. Only Young Chefs Academy offers our ALL-INCLUSIVE party packages!  Just sit back and let us handle everything from printing and mailing your invitations to writing down your birthday gifts as they are opened. Our parties are packed full of amusing activity!  We will introduce each guest to the essentials of cooking as they make their "creation" from scratch all while being entertained by our lively staff and their crazy "antics"! Your guests will also love the many party favor options available at Young Chefs Academy.

Birthday Themes

Build Your Gift Bag

Young Chefs was Voted Best Birthday Chain in 2010Young Chefs Academy offers a variety of unique cooking related merchandise for your party needs. With the many choices, you can add on to each party bag to customize your party experience. Your birthday guests are sure to love the endless possibilities, including professional chef jackets,chef hats, chef pants,embroidered aprons,pizza kits,oven mitts, holiday spatulas, unique measuring spoons, pizza cutters and much more! Visit your local Young Chefs Academy to see what they're offering!

Contact your local Young Chefs Academy today to find out more about this unique birthday experience. Remember... YOU SUPPLY THE CHEFS... WE'LL SUPPLY THE REST

Private/Custom Parties

Home schooling groups...Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troops...Play groups...Field Trips...Classes for Moms and Dads!

Contact us to see what we can cook up for you and create the perfect party package!
Offerings may vary by location.
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