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New classes are offered each week and are developed around a monthly theme. Classes focus on true culinary techniques where teachers guide the students through original YCA recipes ~ all created exclusively for Young Chefs Academy by our own certified chefs.



Did you know that we first feast with our eyes?….In November, you’ll be learning about all aspects of the big holiday meal, from appetizers and salads to turkey and desserts, and even what to do with all that leftover turkey! We’ll take your presentation of holiday meals (and your tastebuds) to a whole new level of yum!



This December, our Young Chefs will take on one of the most important jobs found at high-end restaurants as a Saucier Chef. We’re taking ordinary dishes and elevating them into something deliciously extraordinary, while exploring new textures, flavor combinations and visual appeal.

Please see our weekly class schedule below to find the right class for your young chef and sign up now! Call us today to find out how you can save on weekly classes and take advantage of the many benefits by becoming a member!

Party Packages

You supply the chefs.  We supply the rest!  Let Young Chefs Academy create a memorable party experience your child will never forget.  Young Chefs transforms the culinary classroom into a party where guests are immersed in interactive cooking lessons that take on an uproariously fun flair!  

Contact us today to reserve your space!


Where else can your child go off to camp and come home with gained culinary skills, new friendships, original YCA recipes and memories to last a life time? You got it, only at Young Chefs Academy’s Camp-Can-I-Cook! Camp Can-I-Cook is offered during school holidays and summer break.

See our schedule below to reserve your child’s space now!
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WORKSHOPS & Special Events

Life is full of reasons to celebrate and Young Chefs Academy takes these celebrations to a whole new culinary level!  Whether we are celebrating a special holiday, hosting a community event, holding a fundraiser, partnering with a national brand, or more ~ we will keep you “in the know” here!  Check back often as we are always cooking up ways to celebrate with you!

Field Trips

Let Young Chefs Academy create a truly unique culinary experience for your school, day care or organization.  Our field trips can be customized to fulfill your needs, whether you want to focus on math skills, science, team building or more; however, rest assured all field trips will include an interactive culinary experience culminating in a tasty finish!


Master Chefs

Are you serious about cooking? In our MasterChef™ Program, we get serious about building your culinary skills!

The MasterChef™ program is a unique opportunity for children and teens interested in cooking to learn the basic skills and techniques needed to embark on a lifetime of cooking. Students enrolled in the MasterChef™ program participate in classes throughout the month, successfully pass monthly tasks and earn toward their main goal of earning a MasterChef™ jacket and diploma. Participants will learn basics in: kitchen safety, proper food handling, food preparation, cooking and baking techniques, presentation, table setting and manners all organized by a monthly theme.

Prerequisite: Becoming a Chef Club Members has its perks!  All members are eligible to participate in the exclusive MasterChef™ Program available to our Jr. Chefs and Sr. Chefs! Contact your local Young Chefs Academy to find out how you can start earning patches to become a MasterChef™!

To ensure safety and enjoyment for each student, class sizes are limited based on space and availability. Class offerings will vary by location.

For more information on Memberships, contact your local Young Chefs Academy.