Camp Can-I-Cook from Young Chefs Academy

Camp Can-I-Cook® takes cooking to an entirely new level!


Young Chefs Academy summer camps deliver an immersive culinary adventure for the young chefs within our community, empowering campers to grow in their knowledge of the culinary arts and self-confidence.

Each fully-immersive, 3-hour / multi-day camp experience will include:

  • Our most popular camp experiences with all new recipes, techniques and subject matter
  • The art of cooking AND the science of baking
  • Team challenges and competition
  • One, Four-course meal or Party Menu created around newfound skills
  • Basic & NEW Culinary techniques, tips and tricks
  • Tested recipes and curriculum developed by our team of expert chefs
  • Lessons that are created to encourage creative expression and discoveries
  • Something for EVERYONE!

2019 Summer Camp Experience

Camp Can-I-Cook®: Baking & More!
Camp Can-I-Cook®: Cupcakes & More!
Camp Can-I-Cook®: Chocolate & More!
Camp Can-I-Cook®: Showdowns & More!


Campers will be introduced to some of the latest trends in the culinary world, taking their creativity to new heights.

Check your local Young Chefs Academy schedule for upcoming summer & seasonal camp experiences!


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