Young Chefs® Academy Field Trips

Recipes for Learning: Let's Cook!

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While Young Chefs® Academy offers weekly cooking classes to individuals, more and more organizations and educational facilities are coming to us for a distinctive and interactive encounter with our customized field trips. The practice of cooking and working with almost any recipe enables children to learn a variety of academic skills.

Cooking is a great opportunity to sharpen life-skills and stir-up creativity! It is also a great recipe for soaking-up some knowledge from the basic cognitive subject areas. In truth, any recipe prepared at Young Chefs® Academy is a chance to explore many topics of study such as Math, Science, Health, Reading/Language Arts and so much more. Young Chefs Academy has highly credentialed curriculum support who identifies with the staffs teaching benchmarks.

Young Chefs Academy Pre-School Field TripsYoung Chefs® Academy Pre-School Field Trips

Pre-school field trips are a great opportunity for these "little chefs" to explore their culinary curiosities in a fun, safe environment. Each pre-school field trip includes a special theme with each recipe along with a related activity to keep little minds busy with enjoyment.

Whether you're looking for a field trip that focuses on a specific topic or just want to have fun, Young Chefs® Academy is the place! 

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