Q. What is Young Chefs Academy?
A. Young Chefs Academy is the nations first national franchise offering culinary classes, mini-camps, and birthday parties geared toward kids ages 4 - 14. YCA's environment gives kids the opportunity to discover the significance of cooking while building self confidence and improving math, science, reading, social, and social studies (multicultural cuisine) skills.

Q. What do I learn at YCA?
A. Through Young Chefs Academy's entertaining curriculum children learn the fundamentals of cooking, but that's not all you will learn! Kitchen safety, etiquette, menu planning, table setting, napkin folding ... and more is mixed in, all while actually making (and tasting) real recipes!

Q. Why was YCA created?
A. As an imaginative effort of founder Julie Fabing Burleson to teach children the importance and value of cooking in a safe setting that encourages discovery and creativity.
Q. Where are the classes offered?
A. Right in our own uniquely designed kitchens rapidly opening all over the country. If we are not in your city now, we will be soon! Please check out our location page for a Young Chefs Academy near you.

Q. There is not a YCA near me. Can I open my own?
A. If you have a strong desire to own your own business that encourages children to create and grow, we would love to hear from you - please click here.

Q. Is it "real" cooking, and what do you make?
A. YES, at YCA we do "real" cooking with your children, teaching young chefs how to make everything from  Alsacian Quiche to homemade fudgesicles.  We want your children to not only learn the basics in kitchen techniques, but to have the opportunity to taste things they have never tried before.  We believe "if you make it,you will taste it" here at Young Chefs.  Just ask Camille P., age 10, who hated vegetables...until she made fresh minestroni soup and found out that she loves vegetable soup!
Q. How long is a typical YCA class?
A. Most classes at YCA are one and a half hours long.  We do, however, have special classes and events throughout the year that may be longer.  We can also customize a class for special school groups and preschool groups.